March 12, 2020

Storyteller a Blog by Vintage Magnality

By Melissa Mandarich
Storyteller a Blog by Vintage Magnality

Welcome to Storyteller's first blog post!  We support free thought, free speech and each individual's pursuit of happiness.  We will feature a diverse range of content sprinkled with whit, sass and crass, told from a woman's perspective.  You might walk away with a smile, some tears, a sense of validation or leave with your wheels turning. We're looking to spread positivity, inspire you to be your best self, and invoke real emotion and thought.  We'll touch on a variety of topics ranging from women's issues, current events, relationships, motherhood, kids, work, finances, travel, jewelry, health and beauty to name a few. Whatever we feel passionate about at the time is what we will publish. 

We'll use storytelling to show that women are multi-dimensional human beings and lead in the effort to break down existing stereotypes.  Hollywood, news outlets, and even "women" publications like to pigeon hole us as a gender.  These type casts follow us on our FB and IG feeds, in the workplace, and even into our relationships with friends, family and significant others.  

Much like a brilliant cut diamond we are multi-faceted and can be many things at the same time. Beauty and intellect are not mutually exclusive traits. You can be sensitive and resilient, you can be sexy and motherly, you can be a feminine powerhouse. We want to tell the world to stop making us choose how to present ourselves, because if we are this then we cannot be that, forcing us to make a choice while loosing the other parts of our true self, is a loss for everyone. We all want to be our true selves and society should support that.  

I've had the idea of starting a blog in the back of mind for years but never made it a priority.  Recently, I launched an e-commerce business, Vintage Magnality, which offers a curated collection of sustainable estate jewelry.  Incorporating a blog into my business allows me to connect with my customers in a more personal way, meet new customers and also provides another creative outlet.  Social Consciousness is at the center of our core values and we realize this in part by donating 2% of our Monthly Sales to the Girls Not Bride Members.  We are proud to support women and children around the world through the support of our customers.  #DoGood is our hashtag that we use to promote this initiative.  

We encourage respectful engagement from our readers who want to engage.  What does respectful mean?  It means no name calling and no personal attacks. We welcome debating ideas, however, not attacking the person that says something that you don't agree with no matter what.  If you disagree and want to engage there is a way to do that without making it about the person. Everyone has a right to their own opinion even if you hate it, it's a free country and we support freedom of thought. 

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  • Buca Belts / Jody on March 16, 2020

    What a great post, extremely empowering with great content. Well written!

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