• Love Yourself with Storyteller by Vintage Magnality

    Love Yourself with Storyteller by Vintage Magnality
    To all of the #BossBabes out there, don't forget to love yourself this Valentine's Day!  We wanted to formally introduce Storyteller by Vintage Magnality our new sustainable fine jewelry line.  Check out what we're about and see some newly added pieces and how to get member only exclusive offers on the pieces featured in this blog post! Find out why we're the future of fine jewelry shopping!
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  • Opals, Witches, Clocks, Oh My!

    Opals, Witches, Clocks, Oh My!
    Trick-or-treating tonight or staying in and watching some scary movies?  Take a few moments to take in the beauty of some of these rainbow hued opals, much like the vibrant foliage we've had in the Midwest (so much so they can actually see from space!), and set your clocks back!
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  • Sustainability: Let's Do Better

    Sustainability: Let's Do Better
    Happy Earth Day! Consumers and businesses can do better in terms of sustainability. We all have the power of the purse and it's in businesses' best interests to evolve and drive sustainable business practices instead of reacting to government imposed regulation. Let's support businesses who are embracing sustainability to protect our dear Mother Earth.
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