Social Consciousness


We're putting the BOTTOM LINE at the TOP in case you don't want to read this entire page. Vintage Magnality is proud to be donating 2% of Net SALES (not profit!) to Girls Not Brides Members.  This is 1 of 5 charities that Melinda Gates previously recommended to support that benefit women and girls. I encourage you to visit their website to read about the issue and what their organization and member partners are doing to help women and girls worldwide. Women and girls are at the center of all of cultures, recognized or not, for the sole fact that they are the creators of life and the caretakers of those lives. We are excited to be working with you our customers to be helping women and girls in these communities through your support of our business!!!

Social Consciousness, or social awareness, is defined as consciousness shared by individuals within a society.  It essentially means to be conscious or aware of the problems within a society or community.  Traveling has provided me a real life anthropological education seeing first hand how people from other cultures live, interact with one another, their challenges, obstacles and stigmas, and impacts of varying government and economic systems on the local people.  Contrasting these observations with what we as Americans have access to has imprinted a strong sense of gratefulness as well as awareness of the need that there is so much work to be done around the globe for those who are not having basic needs met.

What does this have to do with a jewelry company?

Vintage Magnality was founded on the premise of sustainability and ethical business practices surrounding both the environment and the people working in the industry as well as those who are living in communities who are impacted by the industry.  Through my global travels, I have been inspired and humbled by the abundant precious gifts on this beautiful planet.  Beauty surrounds us everywhere; in the oceans, mountains, deserts, skies, minerals, plants, animals and humans.  Our brand embraces preserving these gifts at the core of what we do via vi our vintage model, partnering with suppliers who have our same core values for our Storyteller Fine Jewelry line (see General Product Info page), using minimal packaging that is not only recyclable but actually made from recycled materials (whole/part) and/or through environmentally responsible methods, and by offering pre-loved beautiful pieces to our customers who are looking not only to buy an exquisite piece of jewelry but who have consciously decided to support a business who is filling their consumerism need with a sustainable and ethical approach, AND giving back in the process.

Thank you for your love and support, may we #DOGOOD together!