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UPGRADED PACKAGING Collection by Vintage Magnality


Our Versailles upgraded packaging exudes luxury with our signature purple and grey custom European hand made silk velvet and grosgrain ribbon octagon boxes, finished with our logo on top of the box.  This option has 1 slot for a ring or earrings. There is another option with 2 slots ideal for 2 rings and or a wedding set. The velvet box top and bottom actually separate and are not hinged.  This is a beautiful option to treat yourself like the queen you are or present as a gift or proposal.  The velvet box will arrive inside our customized grey satin bag. 

The color purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries.  Queen Elizabeth I actually forbad anyone except close members of the royal family to wear the color purple.  Due to the cost of making the dye, which came from mollusks in the Tyre (now modern day Lebanon) region of the Mediterranean Sea, only royalty could afford to buy and wear the color purple.  As a result, purple became associated with the imperial classes of Rome, Egypt and Persia.

Ring shown in photos is for display purposes only. 

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