Petite Diamond Initial H 16-18" Necklace (A-Z) 14K Yellow White Rose Gold

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    The perfect diamond necklace embracing the on-trend initial jewelry movement. Express yourself or give a thoughtful personalized gift with this necklace that will be worn everyday!

    Storyteller by Vintage Magnality

    Designer: 302® Fine Jewelry

    Petite Diamond Initial Necklace with adjustable 16-18" chain. 

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  • Select your initial and precious metal combination, 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold.

    Clarity I1; Color H+

    CTW varies between .03 and .05 CTW depending on initial.  See below for CTW and pendant dimension details by initial. 

    A- .05 CTW; 6.25 X 6.35 MM

    B- .05 CTW; 6.3 X 4.3 MM

    C- .04 CTW; 6.25 X 5.45 MM

    D- .05 CTW; 6.4 X 5.45 MM

    E- .04 CTW; 6.3 X 3.75 MM

    F- .04 CTW; 6.4 X 3.55 MM

    G- .05 CTW; 6.28 X 6.34 MM

    H- .05 CTW; 6.3 X 4.9 MM

    I- .03 CTW; 6.2 X 1.4 MM

    J- .03 CTW; 6.4 X 3.3 MM

    K- .045 CTW; 6.3 X 5.05 MM

    L- .03 CTW; 6.45 X 3.3 MM 

    M- .06 CTW; 6.3 X 7.3 MM

    N- .05 CTW; 6.16 X 5.25 MM

    O- .05 CTW; 6.3 X 6.2 MM

    P- .04 CTW; 6.3 X 4.3 MM

    Q- .05 CTW; 6.3 X 5.8 MM

    R- .05 CTW; 6.22 X 4.51 MM

    S- .04 CTW; 6.29 X 3.85 MM

    T- .03 CTW; 6.0 X 1.4 MM

    U- .04 CTW; 6.4 X 5.1 MM

    V- .03 CTW; 6.25 X 5.65 MM

    W- .06 CTW; 6.25 X 7.2 MM

    X- .04 CTW; 6.4 X 5.65 MM

    Y- .03 CTW; 6.3 X 6.0 MM

    Z- .03 CTW; 6.32 X 4.14 MM

  • Cleaning for Gold & Diamonds: In a bowl mix warm water and mild dish soap, place your jewelry gently in the bowl and let soak for a few minutes.  Take a baby toothbrush or other soft bristle toothbrush and gently scrub the jewelry. Remove your jewelry from the soapy water, rinse with water and dry with a soft microfiber or polishing cloth.  You can also use your complimentary Vintage Magnality treated polishing cloth instead of the soapy water dip, to clean, give extra shine and remove any tarnish caused by skin chemistry.                  

    Daily Care: To prevent damage to your jewelry, best practices include removing your jewelry while swimming, exercising, showering, sleeping, washing your hands, or applying any products such as perfumes, lotions, makeup and hair products.  Jewelry should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and ready for the day!