March 31, 2021

F is for What?

By Melissa Mandarich
F is for What?

FFS where did this month go?! Today is the last day of March, Women's History Month, and I had intended on doing a nice blog post about my favorite women in history or herstory. Instead I ended up down the website rabbit hole with updating our website's theme which resulted in a sleeker looking site but also caused several hiccups still being refined.  Have you checked out our new earrings?

Try On Augmented Virtual Reality Technology CamWeara by Modaka

That being said, we added Wishlist functionality so you can keep track of your favorite fine jewelry pieces.  We also added a virtual Try-On functionality to most of our everyday luxury jewelry pieces allowing you to try before your buy! You can access the Try-On button on each product page which is powered by the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence technology called CamWeara by Modaka.  We are still working on other functionality to enhance your fine jewelry shopping experience so you can find the perfect ring stack or diamond earrings, stay tuned!

Free Shipping Free 5 Day Unconditional Returns

Free Shipping on ALL orders and Free Returns with a 5 day unconditional return policy for qualifying items was also rolled out this month! Free local delivery to the 60045 and 60044 zip codes is now offered as a shipping option, select at checkout under shipping options!  We want to provide you with a headache free shopping experience, whether it's for new or vintage jewelry.

Spring Break in Florida

Freedom rings in my ears these last few days, being in the glorious southern state of Florida on spring break, taking my first trip in over a year.  Coming from one of the authoritarian blue states, Illinois, it is downright shocking to walk free in the sunshine here without a mask.  People living their lives, enjoying themselves, soaking up the rays all mask free (mostly).  Good Lord it has been amazing.  


People are getting vaccinated at incredible rates here in the US, at least those who are highest risk, now have the choice to be protected. How amazing is this that a year into this disaster that we have several vaccinations for people who want them?  Maybe with some level headedness we can return to normalcy soon and leave health decisions to the individual instead of heavy handed government mandates. Do you know who was the first government official to push vaccinations?

 Catherine the Great Empress of Russia

Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia, from 1762 to 1796, was the longest ruling female of Russia. She came into power after leading a coup d'etat with her lover Gregory Orlov.  She led 14,000 soldiers on horseback to dethrone her husband (I really like this lady), who was also her second cousin Peter III. After her successful mission, she emerged from the Winter Palace and declared herself Empress.  Peter III went to prison and was killed by her lover's brother, it is a point of debate if she was aware or involved in this part of the plot.   

Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg Russia

Catherine the Great, Portrait of a Woman by Robert Massie is one of my favorite books.  I read it several years ago but one of the things I remembered about her was her commitment and advocacy for science, specifically inoculation which was the precursor to vaccinations.  Invented during her reign by Dr. Thomas Dimsdale, a British doctor, the first inoculation was designed to prevent smallpox a widespread killer at this time.  Although barbaric and risky given his method included making up to three incisions in someone's arm and then rubbing open pustules from a smallpox patient into the incisions, it was found to be effective if it didn't kill the patient and it paved the way for vaccinations. 


Catherine the Great was the first person to undergo his procedure in Russia in 1768.  She set the stage for the people of Russia to be inoculated against this awful disease and by 1800 over 2 million Russians had received it. A trailblazer, leader and all around badass, her story still rings true today.  

Right or wrong, it seems vaccines are the path to renewed freedom.  What are you going to do when given the chance? 



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